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Pint Points

  • New Tap Trail maps have been distributed throughout the Tap Trail. Go forth, multiply and stamp!!
  • Boundary has announced its Bellingham Beer Week collaboration beer is with Gruff. I had a drink today and it was everything you’d expect. Yum Sauce!
    • This year’s BBW beer rules are exactly ZERO, so that means breweries can team up with whomever and in whatever capacity. This means you’re going to get more beer for your buck! We’re excited to announce future collaborations as well.
  • Wander is releasing a pretty badass collaboration with Willows Inn. No big deal – you know, just a world renowned restaurant and a Bellingham brewery, making beauty.
  • Overflow Taps has officially announced their new location and it’ll be opening in Barkley Village! That’s two locations to raise money for water now!
  • Boundary tells me they are canning Citraweisse this summer!
  • Boundary will release cans of Ski to Sea ESB this year!
  • Structures Brewing brewed up a West Coast style IPA they are calling Yesteryear. It’ll be interesting to get their take on a cross-continental cousin to their New England styles
  • Structures is also releasing some coffee mugs soon.
  • Kulshan Brewery has $3 pints of Red Cap Red and Dry Stout today, for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Stones Throw is celebrating their 1 year anniversary with a huge Block Party on April 1st!
  • Elizabeth Station co-owner Patrick McEvoy will be moving this fall and starting a new exciting international non-profit. We’ll tell you more about it soon. He’ll still have a hand in Elizabeth Station. Nothing major will change. Charles will be taking a larger roll. Everything else will remain the same!
  • It’s St. Patrick’s Day. You know where you need to be tonight? Uisce Irish Pub, naturally. Grab your Passport and get down there!

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–New Beers–

Aslan Brewing Company

Cosmic Dreams (IPA)

5.6% ABV // 84 IBU // 1.058 OG
medium body + ripe citrus + vibrant
Fresh squeezed grapefruit is at the core of this beer, from the nose through the finish. Large quantities of Citra hops sprinkled with Cascade, El Dorado, and Mosaic create waves of intense and pungent grapefruit notes. The heavy handed use of Oats in the mash creates a lush, silky mouth feel. This beer will grab your attention and keep it.
Hops: Cascade, Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic
Malt: Maris Otter, Oats

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Kulshan Brewing Company

Sunnyland IPA (Cask)

Dry hopped with Puterbaugh Farms Belma and Citra, this puppy is bright and delicious

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Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewery

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Menace Brewing Company

Vienna Pale Ale

5.5% ABV and a 45 IBU

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Gruff Brewing

The Tripod Triple IPA
10% ABV

7 different hop varieties that bring out citrus, tropical fruit and floral characters