Pint Points

  • Bellingham Beer Week is coming up, April 19-27! Keep your eyes out for a special Beer Week Event Roundup in the next few days so you can start marking your calendars with what events you’d like to make sure you don’t miss that week! One of the first events to make sure you make it to is the collaboration between GRUFF and Atwood Ales, called Assistant to the Regional Manager, a Beet Beer who’s namesake you may be familiar with. This event starts at 6 pm at Gruff on Friday, April 19!
  • Tonight Aslan and Kulshan release their collaboration project at the Aslan Depot, the Mountain Lion IPA. There will be food from Kid Sister Food Truck and a split tap list from Aslan and Kulshan.
  • Don’t miss Tree House Hump Day Yoga at Lost Giants every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
  • The Lost Giants weekly infusion is a Thai Chili and Lemongrass infused semi-sweet cider! Spicy, tart and sweet, sounds delicious!

-New Pints-

Aslan Brewing Co.

Irish Coffee Stout

Made with coffee from @bellinghamcoffeeroasters, this beer has flavors reminiscent of cold brew. This Irish Stout takes inspiration from the traditions of the style with a subtle hint of coffee. Balancing the drying effect of the dark malts with the creamy and fruity notes in the beans, it leaves us with a smooth and delicate beer. The perfect beer for a rainy spring day.

4.8% ABV

Boundary Bay Brewery & Stemma Brewing Co.

Training Wheels Blonde IPA

Don’t miss the official release of this beer on April 26th at The Local Public House, but for now catch this hoppy but crushable masterpiece around town, which happens to be Stemma’s official first beer in Bellingham! Welcome, Stemma!

GRUFF Brewing Co.

Black Labs Lager

This European black lager is light in body but still has a light beer taste. All grain made by our pals at @skagitvalleymalting. Cheers!

Kulshan Brewing Co.

Southpaw Saison

Created by Kulshan production staff employee Hisham Mishalani, Southpaw Saison is a refreshing and sessionable Spring Saison. An irresistible bouquet of citrus, black pepper, and orchard fruit lead the way with this beer, followed by flavors of bready malt, strawberry, tangerine, and mild banana. High carbonation and a dry, clean finish round out this sensory delight, leading the drinker in for another delicious sip.

Double Entendre Belgian Golden Strong


Known for both its devious nature and its elegant flavor profile, Belgian Golden Strong is a style popularized by the Belgian brewery Duvel.  Belgian pilsner malt and German noble hops dance beautifully in this beer, creating a balanced beer that is dry up front and has a bready and slightly sweet finish.  No matter the time of year, this beer is a celebration of life.

Menace Brewing

Crucial Taunt IPA

Crucial Taunt is an excellent 6.5% IPA with notes of schwing and living in the now. May or may not cause headbanging.

Stones Throw Brewery


This SMASH features Mt. Hood hops and Violetta Pale malt from Skagit Valley Malting. Hazy, earthy and notes of melon bring this IPA to life!

5.6% ABV

Structures Brewing in collaboration with Cloudburst Brewing & Modern Times

Great Question Hazy IPA

A collaboration for the ages! You don’t want to miss this special hazy. Cheers!


Structures took their flagship IPA, FUZZ and blended it with their Berliner Weisse that has been resting on Blackberries. This hybrid beer is slightly tart, and way too refreshing.