Structures Brewing taproom

It’s another addition of Tap Roundup. Bellingham’s taps have increased. Does that increase our happiness? We think so!

Remember to checkout Bellingam’s newest brewery! Stones Throw is not officially open until April 13th, BUT they MIGHT be open today through Sunday. I don’t really know, honestly. They’re playing it by ear, so make sure you check their Facebook page for details.

This past week saw some awesome news for the Tap Trail, with the aforementioned Stones Throw announcing their official opening date of April 13th.

Structures Brewing installed some more tables and chairs for your seating and standing pleasure. We should also mention, rumor has it Structures will be taking plastic sometime VERY soon! They are trying out a new POS system. As far as we know, it isn’t in motion yet, but it will be soon. End of an era there – a short one, but an era nonetheless!



There’s a new food cart in the rotation at your favorite breweries and taphouses. Pizza’zza blew into town with their swanky new rig last week and they are taking the Tap Trail by storm. Check out their schedule here! Their grand opening will be held at Kulshan’s K2 on April 30th. Also on the food truck front, there is rumor of another truck in the making. Stay tuned for details!


Wander’s Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

Kulshan Brewing

Announced they are releasing their Brewers Select No. 6 today, but we’re still waiting confirmation on that!

Wander Brewing

Releasing it’s GABF Gold Medal winning Wild Warehouse Farmhouse Ale 2pm tomorrow. 3 bottle maximum. Be there!