Pint Points

  • Happy 5th Birthday to Aslan Brewing! Thank you for making some delicious beer over the years and being an overall great contribution to our community. Make sure you don’t miss their celebration this weekend this Saturday, June 1 from noon to midnight. There will be five beer releases, live music and more shenanigans to celebrate five years of organic craft beer.
  • Happy 1st Birthday to Goods Local Brews! What an awesome contribution to the Columbia neighborhood. They are celebrating their anniversary as well on Saturday, all day long! It’ll be a party for the books so don’t miss out.
  • Mark your calendars for Lost Giants first birthday celebration as well, on Saturday, June 15th! There will be raffles, special cider releases, music and outdoor games to celebrate a year of Lost Giants Cider in Bellingham! Thanks for all you do, guys!
  • The weekly Lost Giants cider infusion is the popular Lemon Basil-infused dry cider! Get it while it’s hot.

-New Beers-

Aslan Brewing Co.

Frances Farmer 2019

2019 strikes a balance between the champagne like qualities of ‘17 with the dry mineral palate & more pronounced acid profile of the ‘18 vintage. As in the past, this is a solera project & pieces of all previous years naturally exist in each subsequent release.

5.6% ABV

Peach Dojo

This saison style ale comes from the same base that Blueberry and Raspberry Dojo originated from. The processes used for making the beers in the Dojo series are identical, stemming from the same initial brew. What differs is the fruit in which each is named after— in all cases the complexity of the fermentation is driven by the native microflora that naturally existed on the fruit. Peach Dojo is the most intensely sour of the three in large part due to the age of this beer which spent nearly 2 years in oak & about 8 months bottle conditioning. The fruit came from an organic orchard in Yakima, where the peaches were tree ripened. If fruit is removed from the tree too soon, the natural yeasts and bacteria present on the skins are not as strong. This is due to the fruit not being a great source of food, since the sugars are not fully developed. In this case, the fruit provided a wonderful layer of microflora which created all of the complexity in this beer.

7% ABV

Cosmic Dreams

This year the malt cosisted of only Vienna, Oats and Carahell. Singularly hopped sparingly on the hot side, and dry hopped at a rate of 4 lbs per barrel.

10° Pils

Another full Reinheitsgebot (1927) Czech style pale lager! Once again, literally only malt, hops, water & yeast went into this beer which means no water or pH adjustment additives were used. Brewed in the fully authentic Czech way— triple decoction mashed, with a three hour acid rest, hopped exclusively with ŽPČ (saaz), fermented at 8C, lagered for 6 weeks and naturally carbonated. If you enjoyed the authentic Czech flavor in Svetly, you’ll love its little brother. Warning, low levels of diacetyl— again, intentional and very much the Czech way.

4.2% ABV

Disco Lemonade

ts baaaack (almost)! And this year it’s slightly more sour, if that’s even possible? A few changes from last year include more wheat, a different strain of lactobacillus & a main fermentation with kolsch yeast. As this beer never goes through a full boil, it is very white in color. Aside from those little changes, it’s the same ol’ Disco Lemonade that has been signaling the start of summer for the last 5 years in Bellingham!

4% ABV

Rice Crispy

This IPA started with 20% rice which was cereal mashed– Pilsener malt was added and the whole lot was then decoction mashed. This beer features a cold fermentation with kolsch yeast from our favorite brewery in Cologne, cold dry hop which consisted of a stupid volume of Nelson Sauvin & Moteuka hops, natural carbonation & is far too thick to filter.

6% ABV

Boundary Bay Brewery

Fielder’s Choice IPA

The yearly partnership beer with the Bellingham Bells is back on the shelves! Play a game of catch, head to a Bell’s game, or just barbecue in your own backyard! Regardless, crack one of these perfect summer IPAs.

Bellingham Cider Co.

R+R (Raspberry and Rhubarb Cider)

Delicious and refreshing, tart and sweet in all the right ways, check out Bellingham Cider Co.’s newest cider addition on their full service patio, now officially open!

Menace Brewing

As If! Citra IPA

Enjoy Menace’s newest IPA in their rotation, As If! This citra IPA is the perfect beginning of summer citrusy refreshment you’ve been needing.


Blueberry Lemon Kettle Sour Saison

Pucker up, Menaces! The perfect balance between sour and smooth.

Wander Brewing

Peach Millie

his perfect summer beer is assertively fruity and strikes a delicate balance between sweet and tart. Millie drinks like a guilty pleasure with none of the shame.