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Pint Points

  • Bellingham Beer Week 2017 was straight up on point and it sounds you agree. Our poll shows ~70% of you agreed it was the best Bellingham Beer Week ever, or “awesome!” Looking forward to BBW 2018!
  • We updated our Food Truck calendar with times and locations! Where’s your truck?
  • It’s been calculated that Bellingham has more breweries per capita than both Seattle and Portland.
  • Wander Brewing released Mango Antlers IPA in cans last week and their seasonal Millie Sour in 500ml bottles a few days ago.
  • Boundary is now serving Table Bacon during Happy Hour.
  • Chuckanut Brewery is releasing its collaboration with Cloudburst on Mother’s Day called “Nut Burst.” A hoppy southern hemisphere lager
  • Overflow Taps has surpassed raising $10,000 for clean water.
  • Aslan’s Gold Medal award winning American Stout is back on tap.
  • Structures Brewing wasn’t able to release their Double IPA, “The Locked Room”, in cans yesterday, due to a mechanical issue. It’s still available on draft and ready for growler fills.
  • Kulshan Brewing Company released a collaboration Coffee Porter with Woods Coffee. Available in 6 packs.
  • Prepare thyself for Stones Throw’s Annual Ski to Sea Block Party. This year they’re extending the party to the next day!
  • Gruff Brewing added a dart board to their beer garden just in time for the good weather.
  • There’s still paper over the old Copper Hog windows. We’ve learned the old owners will not be taking over.
  • We’re still hearing a mid to late June opening for Melvin Brewing.
  • Helpful Reminder: Mother’s Day is Sunday.

–New Beers–

Aslan Brewing

Disco Lemonade (Berliner Weisse)

4.5% ABV // 4 IBU // 1.042 OG
light body + effervescent + tart
This refreshingly sour wheat beer is brewed to style, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is often referred to as “The People’s Champagne.” The tartness of this beer will bring out hints of lemon, while the generous amount of wheat will round out the body lending a remarkable similarity to lemonade. Enjoy as is or add a shot of raspberry syrup for a twist!
Hops: Hallertau
Malt: Pilsner, Wheat

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 Structures Brewing

Gatekeeper IPA

Brewed with Oats and hopped with Mosaic

7.25% ABV

Locked Room DIPA

Brewed with Oats and hopped with Columbus, Chinook and Mosaic and Mosaic Cryopowder

8.5% ABV

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Gruff Brewing

North West Gruit
ABV: 6%
IBU: 0
Herbs & Spices: Chamomile, Nettles and Devils Club
Grain: Skagit Valley Malting Copeland
Guest Brewer: Amy Elizabeth Gibson

Honoring the ancient craft of flavoring beer with herbs in lieu of hops, our NW Gruit features chamomile, devil’s club and nettles. Smooth, subtle and complex, notes of apple, tobacco and floral sweetness give way to a balanced finish.

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Menace Brewing Company

Hop Medley #1

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Kulshan Brewing Company

Northwest Shandy

An American Wheat base paired with crisp sparkling lemonade. Blend of several distinct hops that and come together in a very easy.

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Wander Brewing

Pearywinkle Barrel-Aged Sour

A blend of farmhouse and Brett pale ales, this beer aged for 18 months in wine barrels with another 3 months on Bartlett pears.