Another week in Bellingham and more beers and more breweries have hit the scene. It would be exhausting if it were exercise, but it’s not…it’s beer, so it’s fun!

Pint Points

  • There seems to be further confirmation that Melvin Brewery is moving to town. “Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine” covered the brewery and wrote:
    750ml bottles

    Atwood Ales 750ml bottles

What started as a tiny 20-gallon brewery … has become a production facility with a 30-barrel brewhouse in Alpine, Wyoming, and will become a new tap house in Bellingham, Washington, later this year to boot. – June/Juy 2016 pg. 34



New Beers

Aslan Brewing


Patio Sesh’

4.5% ABV // 25 IBU // 1.048 OG

light body + tropical + balanced

Caramunich and roasted malts provide a subtle malty boost in the body of this session-able spring ale. A combination of Palisade and Ahtanum lay a foundation of fruity & floral hop flavor. A Citra dryhop adds a refreshing tropical kick, making this beer perfectly suited for enjoying outside in the sun. Original recipe by our Lead Brewer, Brad Church.

Hops: Ahtanum, Bravo, Citra, Palisade
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Carafa, Caramunich, Chocolate

Wander Brewing


Whole Cone IPA

Tapped last week! Brewed exclusively with whole cone Citra, Chinook, and Ahtanum hops








13246439_795585210571754_276407680927304873_oWill be tapped today @3pm.

Global Mutt with blackberries and vanilla on tap today