Pint Points

  • Mark your calendars for August 4th as Boundary Bay and Gruff come together for Adult Swim: Neighborhood Summer Block Party! There will be beer-a-flowin’ and water balloons a-flyin. Make sure you check it out!
  • Tonight! Gruff is featuring some special food for y’all, check out Krewe Catering and satisfy your tastebuds with delicious fried chicken. 5 pm till it runs out!
  • TONIGHT! Make sure you check out Beer Prom! Each year, Kulshan Brewing puts on an adult prom with proceeds going to Lydia Place. A few different breweries in town ask other breweries “to prom”, or in other words, to make a collaboration beer. The result is awesome: several new beers from different breweries around Washington and Bellingham. Festivities take place at The Majestic, and tickets can be found here. Cheers!
  • Join Wander on August 17 from 2-5 for their annual Vanbier Van Rally for van owners and enthusiasts, or just beer drinkers! It’s great fun and a great excuse to entertain that living-out-of-a-van idea you’ve had…

-New Pints-

Atwood Ales

Operation Warm

A raspberry curry leaf Saison, brewed in collaboration with @bbaybrewery and @whatcomfirefighters. Operation Warm is a fundraiser to purchase warm winter coats for kiddos in need, this year Alderwood Elementary School was chosen to receive these coats.

Calypso Saison

Atwood put their friend Sarah’s (from Calypso Kitchen) Hibiscus-Trinidad Sorrel mix in a saison! So refreshing and perfect for summer.

Aslan Brewing

Return of the Mack

Inspired by a certain midwest icon, where nearly the entire hop bill is Centennial. For our beer though, we dry hop it with a small amount of Mosaic. Aside from that, this is a showcase for our favorite C hop. With a firm bitterness, and a palate ranging from pine to white Texas grapefruit, this beer exemplifies what we would call a classic west coast style.

7% ABV

Peach, Be Humble

This beer started its journey on November 14, 2017, as a simple recipe consisting of Pilsener and Wheat malts and lightly hopped with Pacific Gem and Mosaic. We fermented and aged it in an oak foeder until August 2018, at which time tree-ripened peaches from Yakima were added. The fruit was minimally processed, allowing for a carbonic maceration to assimilate the fruit into the beer. After a five-month rest on fruit, we bottled the beer with its native yeasts and bacteria.

7.8% ABV

Strawberry Ron

Captain Ron’s twin brother just arrived in Bellingham for summer vacation. Strawberry Ron, while almost identical to Captain Ron, really digs (spoiler alert) strawberries. So much that he downed 500 lbs of @hedlinfamilyfarmsorganic strawberries this month. ⠀
Now on draft at the brewpub and the @aslandepot!

7% ABV

Kulshan Brewing Co.

Blueberries for Sal

Crisp, refreshing and lightly fruity, Blueberries for Sal is an easy drinking summer wheat ale. Graham crackery malt notes create a comforting base for this beer, while lightly tart blueberry notes play on both the nose and tongue. Not overly complex, but certainly deeply satisfying, this beer, with its beautiful magenta hue, is subtle, clean, and thirst-quenching.

Zesty Enterprise

This American Hoppy Lager is now available at the Roosevelt location! A perfect light beer for the hot weather we’ve been having.

Stemma Brewing

Pluit Porter

The Pluit Porter has rich malt flavors of toffee, chocolate, and coffee, with a low hop character and bitterness. While it’s namesake is Latin for “it rains” this medium-bodied porter is an easy drinker at 5.5% ABV, rain or shine.

Stones Throw Brewery

Gone Camping! IPA

This dry hopped session IPA features Loral and Chinook hops for both a strong floral aroma and a relaxed piney bitterness. Oat, Wheat and Pale malts create a crisp IPA best enjoyed around a fire.

4.8% ABV

Old Growth Summer Porter

Well-rounded with a slightly sharp finishing bite, the assortment of Pale and Violetta malts lighten the traditional porter body for these hot summer months. A low hop profile accentuates the roasty flavor, sweet aroma and decreased smokiness.

5.8% ABV