Pint Points

  • Join Boundary Bay on Sunday, July 7 for a World Cup viewing party! Kickoff starts at 8 am, don’t miss it.
  • Lost Giants Cider has a special infusion for you cider lovers this week, enjoy a blueberry ginger infused cider for a limited time! Cheers.
  • Happy Independence Day Weekend from Tap Trail! We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday. Be sure to spend your Friday supporting your favorite local breweries!
  • Aslan dug into the depths of their cellar for a special bottle release of Blueberry Dojo this week! If you love this delicious Blueberry treat, make sure you get one because cases are limited.

-New Beers-

Atwood Ales


A barrel aged black currant saison. Sip it straight or pair it with your favorite dessert, like one from Gathered Confections at the Bellingham Farmers Market.

Aslan Brewing Co.

Strawberry Dojo

Strawberry Dojo begins like the others in the Dojo series, with the same base beer. The various types of fruit and their native microflora define each Dojo’s unique flavor. After eight months resting on the strawberries, the barrels were blended and bottled on March 26th of this year. Three months later, this batch is ready to drink. It’s very acid neutral but has waves of brett complexity. If cellared properly though, this beer will evolve wonderfully.

6.2% ABV

Kulshan Brewery

Golden Hour French Saison

A rustic yet elegant brew, Golden Hour saison presents the drinker with a sensory sunset of flavor and aroma. Hints of ripe pear and apple, along with notes of fresh cracked wheat and lemon all blend together to form a delightful aroma bouquet. On the tongue, ripe orchard fruit and citrus are still present, with the addition of soothing bready notes and a light and playful boozy heat. Aged patiently and deliberately, this beer has matured exquisitely, and its time to shine has come.

Belgian Wit

A traditional Belgian wheat beer lightly spiced with coriander, orange peel and a hint of chamomile. Light and crisp up front, it features smooth bready flavors, bright citrus notes, and spicy fruit accents from the coriander and traditional wit yeast. Sessionable to its core, Belgian Wit epitomizes the term “Summer Beer.”

Menace Brewing


Menace’s newest rotational IPA pays homage to Homer Simpson at 6.6% ABV

Don’t Be A Yeerk IPA

Another rotational IPA from Menace joins the lineup at 6.3% ABV

The Ambrosius Brown Ale

Like Sir Didymus’ trusty steed, this Brown Ale is solid and reliable. A lighter bodied brown color, mild nuttiness, clean finish, with crisp carbonation. This beer will have you feeling nostalgic and wanting to listen to David Bowie!

5.2% ABV

Structures Brewing

Form & Void

Form and Void a double IPA brewed with loads of Citra and Amarillo. Crazy citrus, papaya and overripe tropical aromas.

8.1% ABV

Wander Brewing

Broken Curfew IPA

You did it. You stayed out too late and now you must reap the consequences of this experimental IPA collaboration with @gowbeer, Broken Curfew IPA. Heavy doses of not-yet-named experimental hop HBC 644 and a sprinkling of Ekuanot make this one worth staying out late for again…and again.