Pint Points

  • A NEW food truck, FEAST, will launch at 13731860_1439913069368012_6982139775924918171_oStructures Brewing Friday 29th and Saturday 30th. We spoke with the owner yesterday and this food sounds…SPLENDID. They are excited to have their Grand Opening at Structures. They feel the James’ attention to detail pairs well with their attention to detail.
  • Tap Trail acquired Bellingham Beer Week and we’re gearing up for a premiere craft beer event. Stay tuned for details and a brand new website! The current site is being worked on and isn’t active


  • Bellingham’s craft beer mania continues and our breweries are expanding. Need a jobbie-job? Aslan Brewing and Wander Brewing are hiring.
  • We’ve been told Melvin Brewing, who’s opening up shop in Bellingham, is spearheading an event to showcase Bellingham’s breweries at this year’s GABF. We’ll have Tap Trail goods there.
  • Chuckanut’s 2nd location, South Nut, is well on it’s way to completion. The new porch was just finished.
  • Elizabeth Station’s famed Sour Fest is this weekend! Only a few tickets left!

–New Beers–

Wander Brewing

Flander RedSossusvlei – Flanders Red

I can’t pronounce it, but I drank it and was wowed. It’s really “flandery” and spent 18 months aging in wine barrels mixed with a mixed fermentation culture of yeast and bacteria. It’s their latest from the Barrel Project.







13708177_828030403993901_2064217541407921312_oBlack Currant Millie – Sour

Another in their Millie lineup. Haven’t had it!








Aslan Brewing

13692913_1129813290423663_2161515445946373708_oSchweinaversary Pale Ale

5.1% ABV // 20 IBU // 1.048 OG

medium body + orange creamsicle + juicy

A bright, juicy pale ale created to help our friends and neighbors Schweinhaus Biergarten celebrate their second birthday! It exudes strong overtones of navel oranges, a slight bitterness reminiscent of the zing produced by just ripe fruit, and a soft, creamy mouth feel. This brew shines a light on a new approach to an old style.

Hops: Ahtanum, Chinook, Palisade
Malt: Acidulated, Carafa, Carapils, Munich, 2-Row Pale

Structures Brewing

20160728_140912Hedlin Farms Raw Wheat Saison

5.2% ABV

Brewed with Hedlin Farms raw hard red wheat.








20160728_123549 Empress IPA

Comes out Friday for the Feast Food Truck launch.

Low IBUs. Aromas of peach, pineapple and mangos.