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  • You’ve heard it here first folks! Gruff Brewing will be open by Bellingham Beer Week. I’ve spoken with Chris at Gruff and they are planning BBW Events.
  • Gruff will also be on the new Tap Trail Passport, along with a handful of new stops, to move the total number of Tap Trail stops to 22!! With the opening of Gruff Bellingham will stand at 10 total breweries, or one brewery for every 8,200 people!
  • Bellingham Beer Week is a mere 4 weeks away. Tap Trail has been working tirelessly to put the event together, in conjunction with our breweries, taphouses and distributors. Stay tuned because this year’s event is going to have some very unique events! The new website will launch soon.
  • Tap Trail launched two new columns this past week, Bellingham Brewed Reviews and Tap & Table. They cover reviews of only Bellingham beers and cooking with beer, respectively. Check ’em out and enjoy.
    Aslan's Whiskey Barrels

                       Aslan’s Whiskey Barrels

  • Aslan Brewing moved it’s massive cooler at the brewhouse on Forest St. to it’s new storage location down the street. It will free up room for more fermenters and wood!
  • We’re holding a very important poll, “What’s Tap Trail’s best IPA?” Go and vote!
  • Aslan is brewing an Imperial version of it’s famed Ginger Rye called Imperial Whiskey Ginger. It’s being aged in barrels aged bourbon for 5 years.
  • To celebrate IPA Day, Boundary put on three IPAs. Imperial 9.5%, Inside Passage Ale 7.5% and Cedar Dust 6.5%. Get on down there and try them all…responsibly!

–New Beers–

Kulshan Brewing Company

DampfbierBrewer’s Select #17 – Dampfbier

Traditionally a peasants beer, this steam fermented brew is soft and lemony with hefeweizen yeasts.








Boundary Bay Brewery

13723860_10153602856031039_3892825722220733176_oEscape Velocity – Galaxy Single Hop

We reviewed this beer in our most recent Bellingham Brewed Reviews!