Pint Points

  • Thousand Acre Cider House has a weekend long cider release of Schilling’s chai spice infused cider (Chaider) both on draft and served mulled! It’s super delicious and the perfect fall treat, so make sure you stop in for happy hour tonight, or just-because sometime this weekend.
  • Tomorrow! Join Aslan for their Fresh Hop Forum featuring select beers from breweries like Breakside, Cloudburst, Stoup, Standard & of course, Aslan. From 1 pm to 1 am, this event takes place at the Aslan Depot.
  • Gruff celebrates Oktoberfest this Saturday, 9/28, with limited release glassware, polka music, hot dogs from Big Hot Wieners (ha!) and beer from local breweries as well as their own Oktoberfest release. Don’t miss out!
  • Lost Giants has a very fall inspired infusion this week, Italian Plum and Crab Apple Infused Dry Cider! They also decided it would probably be a good idea to put their pineapple cider in cans in case we were missing summer (we are).

-New Pints-

Aslan Brewing Co.

Don’s N/A

Modeled after an English Brown Ale, and brewed with Yakima Cascade hops. This fine ale has superb notes of baking chocolate, toasted bread, and roasted chestnuts. Deliciously malty with no alcohol — a true session beer!

<0.5% ABV

Boundary Bay Brewery

Citracalifragilistic Fresh Hop Pale

CITRAcalifragilistic is a Fresh Hop Pale with an extra hoppy dosage of the Yakima Valley. The epic 500-mile round trip journey to Carpenter Ranches in Granger, WA reaped a harvest of extremely resinous and aromatic fresh-off-the-bine Citra hops! CITRAcalifragilistic’s classic light bready malt character unites melodiously with super citrusy and juicy flavors. Enjoy this Fresh Hops as the season’s fade is quite velocious, a pint of CITRAcalifragilistic will always make you precocious.

5.5% ABV

Kulshan Brewing Co.

Oktoberfest Lager

Golden straw in color, with a magnificent white head, it has a rich and enticing appearance that is a perfect prelude to its balanced and delicious flavor profile. Bready malt notes take center stage in this beer, playing well with light floral hop notes to create a medium-bodied lager that is both rich in flavor and quaffable.

Fresh Hop Hazy DIPA

Brewed using almost 20lbs per barrel of fresh El Dorado hops, this hazy double IPA packs a punch. Big notes of mango and grapefruit lead the way, backed up by more subtle hints of mixed berries and cantaloupe. Medium-bodied and exquisitely balanced, this beer is a bold proclamation of Kulshan’s love for fresh hop season.

Stemma Brewing Co.


This Märzen style amber lager is brewed with 100% @skagitvalleymalting malt in celebration of the historical tradition of Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Stones Throw Brewery

Fresh Hop 2019 Ale

Brewed with a truckload of freshly picked Amarillo hop cones, this ale has a light and mellow earthy body with a citrus and melon aroma, with almost no bitterness. Zesty fresh with a hint of herbal spice flavor!

6.4% ABV

Structures Brewing

Amarillo Fresh Hop VIVID

The first fresh hop beer of the season is @crosbyhops Amarillo fresh hop VIVID.


Brewed with 24 pounds per barrel of Fresh Amarillo from the wonderful @crosbyhops

Wander Brewing

Fresh Cassette IPA

320 pounds of freshly picked Citra cones in the hopback followed by a dosing of additional Citra and ultra-tropical El Dorado at dryhop. A round mouthfeel with candied tangerine, green melon, and tropical tang. This one’s for the hop heads. You know who you are.

Champagne Toast

Wander aged this classically styled Berliner Weisse for one year in an American white oak foeder with a lactobacillus blend. It was subsequently bottle and keg conditioned with Champagne yeast for another two months. The end result is crisp, tart, and perfectly effervescent with lemonade-like acidity. Both Champagne Toast and it’s sister Raspberry Champagne Toast are available on draft and in bottles at the brewery.

122 West Brewing

American Style Barleywine

Smooth. Light. Smokey. Depth.

13.5 ABV 100+ IBU