Pint Points

  • Bellingham Beer Week came to end, but you can still grab a limited edition t-shirt from Wander Brewing, Kulshan, Kulshan’s K2, The Local and Elizabeth Station.
  • Word on the street is that Aslan picked up a couple of Foeder’s for their newly expanded brewhouse
  • Aslan and Structures are collaborating on a buckwheat saison. It will be released NEXT Bellingham Beer Week.
  • We hear that Melvin Brewery might serve food on site, bucking Bellingham’s food truck trend. If you did’t attend the Wander Brewing + Melvin Brewing Popup Fest you might not know they’re moving into 2416 Meridian St.
  • There’s rumors that another brewery is looking at a building on Meridian right up the street from Melvin. If so (and if it gets beyond rumors), it would mean Menace Brewing, Melvin and this anonymous brewery would be within a block of each other. That’s 3 breweries RIGHT next to each other. That would be insanely amazing. We wonder how that will work for each brewery though? Too much beer?!
  • Illuminati Brewing plans to be open this winter.
  • Stay tuned for Tap Trail’s soon to be announced 2016 Bellingham’s Best Beertender voting! You’ll be voting for you favorite sud slinger and Hope will be defending her crown.

Aslan Brewing

14311348_1184087981662860_9215416028543456611_oAzacca Fresh Hop IPA

6.0% ABV // 50 IBU // 1.056 OG
medium body + pungent + unfiltered
This single malted IPA is hopped with fresh Azacca hops from Roy Farms in Yakima Valley, delivered from the source to the boil kettle the very same day. Notes of huckleberry, and mint accentuate the pungency of the beer. While not a display of overusing fresh hops, this IPA showcases an appropriate usage to create an intense flavor/aroma experience.
Hops: Azacca, Chinook, Mosaic
Malt: Floor malted Maris Otter

14352499_1183812275023764_5067936664470449139_o10,000 Battle Axes

9.9% ABV (WINE) 8.7% ABV (WHISKEY)// 40 IBU // 1.080 OG

complex body + chocolate & molasses notes + 100% barrel aged

This dual release was once, and still fundamentally is, the same beer. A Belgian Strong Dark, fermented in stainless, then split into rye whiskey and Cab Sauv barrels. Each version was elegantly altered by the wood in which it slumbered for 10 months. The rye whiskey version, strong handed and American, aged on top of Aji Limo peppers, accentuates the whiskey burn. The Cab Sauv version, delicate and complex, continued its fermentation with a culture of Brettanomyces, has deep layers of dried fruit and earth.

Hops: Nugget
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Black Malt, C-120, Carafa, Chocolate, Munich, Wheat
Adjuncts: Aji Limo peppers (whiskey version)

Kulshan Brewing

14305330_1037030463061391_8125906455809168558_oFest Beer










Gruff Brewing

14344060_1405516969476253_3350107929192302624_nCoffee Stout

@ 4.5% brewed with Tony’s Coffee

Brown Ale

@ 7.3%
Both were brewed with Alba from Skagit Valley Malt




Wander Brewing

14361468_861040107359597_2985569453847286850_oPump Fest

Pumpkin Beer!







Structures Brewing

screenshot_20160922-132726Fuzz Words Pale Ale

5.0% ABV 12IBUs

Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale. Hopped with South African N1/69. Pungent with ripe Stone Fruit