Bellingham, Washington

Tap Trail™ OG – 30 stamp locations

Want Tap Trail in your city?

We do too! And we make it simple. If you’re a tourism representative or just a craft beer fanatic looking to put your city on the brew map, we have licensing program ready to roll! Bellingham has really confirmed the popularity of the craft beer scene, and you can buy into our local success in your city at essentially no cost!*

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple. If you have more than 10 breweries and/or tap houses in your city, you can have a custom Tap Trail map created showcasing any/all of them. Just let us know which locations you’d like to have on your map and we’ll build it to the Tap Trail™ branding guidelines and send you what you need for distribution over a 6 month period. (5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 copies). We’ll also include all the stamps and map holders you’ll need.

Now that you have all the maps, you’ll need some prizes too, right?  We can supply all of those as well and our options vary from simple keychains to leather coasters, stainless pint glasses, and more! Just order what you think you need and we’ll fire them over your way!  Each branded Tap Trail™ prize includes your city/neighborhood name.

We’ll then add your location to our web site and include links to all the locations, a unique page for you to promote in town that explains all the details of Tap Trail™ and how it works.

What’s the catch?

“Something for nothing” doesn’t exist, right?  *All of the above comes at a very reasonable cost, but that cost is only a fraction of the advertising value on the map. We encourage selling those ad locations to local businesses to recuperate the cost (and then some..) but even if you don’t take advantage of the advertising option, the economic benefit to tourism is likely enough to cover all of your costs.  Seriously. People love beer and unique experiences, and will go to great lengths to get it.

Our map includes 30 advertising locations that can earn you FAR more than enough to cover the cost of our program.

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