Tap Trail Stamp Program

Become an official Tap Trail stamp location and be rewarded with an amazing community, direct advertising to your core audience, and guaranteed return on your advertising investment. Annual membership into our program is only $500 per year!

We’ve adjusted our program this year to be more focused on promoting our stamp locations and amplifying our relationship to local organizations. This is only a win for your brewery or tap house and we cap our stamp list to only 30 locations. Get in today!

How does it work? 
Simple. You sign up as an annual stamp location and your location gets listed on our printed map and website. When a customer visits your location, buys a pint and hands over their map, you stamp it with the stamp we provide.  That’s it!

Print Distribution
We print maps in batches of 3000 and make adjustments to the advertisers, stamp locations, prizes, and partners along the way. Currently averaging a print number of about 30,000 per year.

Co-brand Partners. New!
We’re working with local organizations to create co-branded passports every couple of months. Depending on your involvement with those partners, you may be more prominently featured on the printed map. Our first co-brand partner is Sustainable Connections and their “Drink local first” month (July). They’ll be providing a limited edition prize offering for stamps. We’re currently working with Max Higbee on a fall promotion for the next print edition. 

Ready to join Tap Trail?

Limited to 30 locations! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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