TasteBuds – Happy Hour Meetup

The days are getting shorter and the temps are getting cooler and we know meeting new people during these dark months can be challenging! So, we’re throwing some happy hour parties! Join us for our bi-weekly evening happy hour series as we bounce around Bellingham, invading all of the amazing stamp locations on your favorite Bellingham guided brewery passport! Bring yourself! Bring a friend! Bring your partner! Meets some new, rad, beer-lovin’ locals!

See our schedule below to learn about the next stop and check out the event guidelines on the left before popping in! (spoiler: it’s simple).

What to Expect

Show up anytime between 6pm -8pm and you’ll have the chance to order the curated TasteBuds tasting set or anything else you might prefer if tasters aren’t your thing! Mingle with other TasteBuds tasters and discuss what you think of the selection! Our goal is to set you up with an amazing selection of beers (handpicked by the pros) and just enough ice-breaking conversation starters and wall-dropping liquid courage to have a great time, try some new beers, and meet a whole new collection of Bellinghamstrangers!

Tasting Notes 

You don’t need to register. Just show up.

The party is free! The beer is not.

Come alone! Bring a friend! Bring your Parter!

Expect to meet some new people!

Be kind. Don’t be creepy.

Have fun! Drink Beer!

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