Terry Urbanik

Terry Urbanik as drawn by KTJ Studio

Tap Trail is starting a new column. Something we’ve been meaning to do from some time, but….life. We wanted to review beers, but ONLY Bellingham brewed beers. We also wanted to have a writer in charge of that with an experienced palate and knowledge of the craft beer world. Naturally, we’re the place to go to learn about all things Bellingham beer. Learning what beers are new is part of our mission and now we’re that much more awesomer, thanks to Terry Urbanik.

Terry Urbanik, Bellingham craft beer legend, will be writing Bellingham Brewed Reviews for Tap Trail. He’ll be sipping, tasting and drinking his way through the Tap Trail. We understand that there are numerous sites to read beer reviews. But having a local focus on just our beers is important for those that read our site and our local craft culture. It will also help to introduce new beers to those coming to our area.

Keep in mind, Terry won’t just be drinking beers that he likes (who does that?!). He’ll be running into beers that he doesn’t like, that are “meh” and that are just so-so. In fact, here is his rating scale:

1 ­ Avoid
2 ­ Almost undrinkable
3 ­ Flawed, needs work
4 ­ OK, but can be improved
5 ­ Solid, pleasant
5.5 ­ Good; typical for its style
6 ­ Above average
7 ­ Well above average
8 ­ Very good
9 ­ Outstanding
10 ­ Splendid

We love everyone on the Tap Trail, from brewers, to owners to staff, but we also know not every beer you drink on the Tap Trail is your favorite. We want to show you what’s new, unique and maybe what Terry didn’t like. But these ratings are only Terry’s opinion of the beers he’s trying. Maybe your palate will disagree, but we feel he’s an excellent place to reference.

Terry has rated over 2,700 beers on Beer Advocate. He’s got chops! And he’s tried many world class beers, but his average Beer Advocate rating is only 3.4 – He’s particular. Terry is known at all the breweries and taphouses in Bellingham and is well known for his beer knowledge. We’re excited to have him on board! To read his first review, go here.