I’ve heard craft beer called many things. Well, a church in Texas has decided that craft beer is the devil and, in true counter-fashion, a craft taproom has offered $1 off every beer for every print out of the ad that is brought in. From Imperial Taproom’s Facebook Page:

We are offering a dollar off your bill at Imperial Taproom in exchange for this ‘Devil’s Craft’ coupon that was printed in the Canyon News on Sunday. We’ll give you a dollar off for each one you bring in so feel free to bring multiple. Come enjoy some devilishly tasty craft beer and/or wine (grape juice with booze in it) with us! We’ll see y’all at the Taproom, cheers!

So there you have it folks, craft beer can be called many things, including the Dark Angel himself. Think of that next time you peer into the dark malt of a seasonal stout or porter. I demand a local brewery brewup a beer called “Devil’s Craft”, or something of that nature. Who will take up the challenge?!


h/t to Imperial Taproom’s FB Page