March 12th, 2016

This date represents two major events for Bellingham, WA residents.
1. It’s the last day of daylight savings. The next day the sun will set AFTER 7PM.
2. It’s the day of the annual St.Patrick’s Day Parade!

Can you think of any better way to celebrate the end of pre-workday sunsets? I can’t.

But Wait! There’s MORE!

The St.Patrick’s Day Parade committee bought the rest of our 2016 calendar stock and they’re giving them away for free at the following locations!

– Boundary Bay Brewery
– Kulshan Brewery (James Street)
– Kulshan Brewery (Kentucky Street)
– Aslan Brewery
– Chuckanut Brewery
– The Local
– North Fork Brewery

Head to any of the above breweries, grab a pint, grab a calendar, and join us and the rest of the beer lovin’ Bellinghamsters for the Parade on the 12th.
*Limited supply at each location. When they’re gone, they’re gone.