007 had some pretty cool gadgets. He had that car that did things. That watch that shot lasers…and some other things. What he failed to have was a beer briefcase. Granted you may take me to task because he was a fan of martinis and not beer. But that was his problem for liking martinis over beers.

A beer briefcase holds 220z beers in a shiek briefcase that looks like you’re delivering the most important secret cargo in the world. That’s because you are. You’re carrying beer. So here it is, the Beer Briefcase for only $49.99. Buy one here.

What’s even better is that it comes pre-stocked with these beers:

Titan IPA by Great Divide
Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s
Hop Ottin’ by Anderson Valley
Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point
Racer 5 by Bear Republic
Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head

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