It’s Girl Scout cookie season, y’all. That wonderful time of the year where we silently (or not so silently) gawk at the incredibly rising price per box, give some adorable little scout all our money, and inhale a sleeve of cookies per night, completely ignoring that joke of a “two cookies per serving” suggestion. There’s nothing more beautiful than a fresh box of Girl Scout cookies. Except, maybe, a fresh box of Girl Scout cookies and a pint of delicious Bellingham craft beer.

Throw all other beer pairing guides away. Until that very last box of thin mints gets devoured, this is the only beer pairing guide any Bellingham resident will need. It’s time to grab your boxes and hit the Tap Trail.


thin-mintsThin Mints: Petronilo Coffee Stout – Structures Brewing

One of the best pairings for thin mints is coffee, so it only seems logical to pair them with a coffee stout. Specifically the Petronilo Coffee Stout from Structures, Bellingham’s newest brewery. The refreshing taste of the mint perfectly balances with the heavy, roasted flavors in a coffee stout. Structures brewed their stout with Onyx roasters using Guatemalan coffee, and created a heavy, bold flavor.


caramel-delitesSamoas/Caramel deLites: Son of Frog – North Fork Brewery and Beer Shrine

Ah the sweet coconut, chocolatey goodness. One might pair a Samoa with a heavier stout, but I would suggest pairing the lighter caramel flavors of the cookie with a sweet, malted beer. Son of Frog over at North Fork Brewery and Beer Shrine has an unbelievable caramel malt finish. When paired with the right flavors, Son of Frog tastes like delicious liquid gold. It’s the perfect combination to bring out the best flavors in both the cookie, and the beer.


shortbreadShortbread/Trefoils: Anita Rustic Ale – Wander Brewing

This buttery shortbread would pair nicely with a lot of different style of beers, so it’s hard to choose only one. Personally, I think pairing shortbread with beers carrying bready, funky notes is best. The Anita Rustic Ale from Wander would compliment the rich, buttery flavors of the shortbread, while the funkiness of the beer would add some new and interesting notes to the rather simplistic cookie.


peanut-butter-pattiesTagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties: Dry Stout – Kulshan Brewing

For a rich, creamy cookie, we need a rich, creamy beer. Kulshan’s Dry Stout is served on nitro for an incredibly smooth and creamy finish. The combination of flavors and textures will be an overwhelmingly luxurious indulgent. This is what Girl Scout cookies were made for.


MeetTheCookies_Do-si-dos--Peanut-Butter-SandwichDo-Si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich: Landbier – Chuckanut Brewery

Another peanut butter cookie, but this one  is not nearly as rich as a Tagalong. Since chocolate isn’t a player in this cookie, it’s best to play with some hop and malty flavors. Chuckanut’s Landbier is nutty and malty, but still incredibly refreshing and light. It would pair wonderfully with the peanut butter in the cookie without weighing it down or smothering any notes.


MeetTheCookies_Cranberry-Citrus-Crisp*Cranberry Citrus Crisps: Unicorn Picnic – Aslan Brewing

The tangy flavors of the cookie need a fruity, funky beer that will let its undertones shine. Aslan’s latest beer release, Unicorn Picnic, is tart and funky with Brettanomyces flavors. It’s a match made in delicious cookie heaven.


MeetTheCookies_Rah-Rah-Raisins*Rah Rah Raisins: Imperial Oatmeal Stout – Boundary Bay Brewery

In other dried fruit cookie news, raisins typically only belong in a cookie if one other ingredient is added: oats. There’s only one type of beer that should ever be paired with this cookie, and that is an oatmeal stout. And who makes a better oatmeal stout in town than the OB (original brewery), Boundary Bay. A classic and delicious beer for a classic style of cookie. These guys know what they’re doing. Let them revive the raisin.


MeetTheCookies_Savannah-SmilesSavannah Smiles: Batch 15 – Aslan Brewing

All right folks, it’s time to pull out a citrusy IPA. Savannah Smiles’ light, lemon flavor need a refreshing IPA to go along with it. The overwhelming sweetness of the cookie balances perfectly with the crisp flavors in Aslan’s Batch 15. This pairing is the perfect combination of flavors you need as our cold, winter bodies start to defrost in that wonderful, foreign sunshine.


MeetTheCookies_Lemonades*Lemonades: Boot Toss – Wander Brewing

Another lemon flavored cookie, although this one is much more rich and heavy. Stronger flavors call for a stronger IPA. Wander’s Boot Toss Triple IPA has the heavy, bold flavors needed to combat the rich lemon icing. While it may be strong, Boot Toss is incredibly smooth and drinkable, allowing it to pair nicely with Lemonade cookies instead of any flavors overpowering the other.


*Cookie not available for purchase in Bellingham.