A storm’s a brewin’ in the northwest. We know how important it is to be prepared as a craft beer drinker for this potentially record breaking deluge and wind coming on Saturday. We also know there are reports that this storm might not pack the punch that it was reported to have. But we’re entering storm season, so just keep this handy.

Your beer buying strategy will really come down to how long you think this storm will impact your ability to obtain beer. Think it’ll just be a quick breezy affair that might prompt you to watch a few flicks to pass the wind and rain? I’m thinking either a bottle or a six pack to share. Kulshan Brewing is releasing it’s Kitten Mittens today at 5pm and they are only $6 a six pack. Consider a few of those! This all depends on how many people you have with you though. Think it’ll be an apocalyptic natural disaster where you’re trapped in your house for days on end with no access to hops and suds? You’re looking at growlers and kegs.

But there is more to craft beer storm strategy than the quantity. How do you store and keep your beer cold in the likelihood that the power goes out? Make sure to have a recepticle handy to hold either a 1/6th barrel (9″ in diameter) or a full keg (16″ in diameter.) That means finding anything that is a minimum of 20 inches in diameter for a 1/6th barrel OR 32″ for a full keg.

You’re going to need LOTS of ice! Remove all of your food from your home’s freezer and chest freezer immediately. You can probably stock up on enough ice at the local grocery store. Maybe you have a generator to keep your kegarator going. If you do, more power to you!

If your partner argues not to waste precious generator power on the kegerator, you should consider this. If you decide to use the generator anyway, it’s best to keep it outside and connect with a long extension cord. You don’t want exhaust filling up a house full of hungry family members (remember, your food is rotting without the use of the feezer, which now filled with ice.) It’s going to be very important that you have enough C02 to last you the entirety of the storm. Lastly, make sure your lines are clean! Run down to North Corner Brewing Supply for all your kegerator needs.

We suggest buying very filling beer, so maybe stouts and porters. Remember, again, your food is rotting. With the big storm coming tomorrow, roll by your favorite Tap Trail location and stock up. It could be a very long wait until you can leave your house.

Best case scenario is to skip the guide altogether and hole up at your favorite brewery or taphouse until they tell you to leave. As always, drive safe and don’t forget your Passport!