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Happy Wednesday, and welcome back to another installment of “The Face Behind the Beer.”

While all their beers are worthy of praise, Chuckanut Brewery has absolutely perfected the art of German style brewing. In fact, Chuckanut recently was awarded a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for best Kolsch.

This week, we catch up with Bryan Cardwell of Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen.

IMG_1133How did you first get into brewing?

I started homebrewing and drinking a lot of craft beer in Boulder while attending school.  Upon graduation I couldn’t imagine myself going into any other field than brewing. I applied to close to 20 different breweries across the US and landed at Chuckanut Brewery. I have not looked back since.


What do you think Chuckanut brings to the Bellingham Beer Community?

I think that all of the breweries are quite complimentary, with ours focusing on continental lagers and ales.


If you could choose only one Chuckanut brew to drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pilsner, it’s the perfect combination of malt and hops


When you aren’t drinking at Chuckanut, where could we find you grabbing a pint?

You can find me at any one of our local breweries, it’s hard to pick just one. It’s always nice treat to get out of town and grab a pint at the North Fork.


Give each Bellingham brewery a class superlative.

I am going to go with different forms of sausages

Boundary – Corn Dog

North Fork – Cheese Stuffed Kielbasa

Chuckanut – Bratwurst

Kulshan – Venison Sausage

Aslan– Organic Turkey Dog

Wander – Veggie Chili Dog

Menace – Bison Sausage

Stones Throw – Seattle Dog

Gruff – Hot Dog

Structures – Andouille Sausage



If you could grab a drink with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Tom Bombadil or Hagrid

Tell us your favorite memory since brewing at Chuckanut.

Delivering beer when I first started out with Kevin Davey. We used to drop a keg off, get paid in cash, and then promptly return the cash back to the establishment.


What do you love about Bellingham?

I can wear shorts for the most part of the year


And finally: Tell us a secret.

I love drinking Champagne and eating hot dogs, seriously.