We’ll file this under “craft drama.” Like any community craft beer has it’s own drama. The Full Pint is well known in the craft beer industry for covering breaking craft beer news and generally being all around pretty awesome. Today they “broke the news” that Cigar City might be the next AB InBev buy out. Seems people in the craft beer industry might think their news story wasn’t full factual.

With all the buyout news in the industry things move pretty quick. Hopefully, this all pans out for everyone involved.

People seem to think this was only an unsubstantiated rumor and started to let them know they disagreed.

Jason Notte of Market Watch jumped in too

Apparently TFP was wrong. Cigar City called the rumor “speculation.”

To TFP credit the Cigar City never full denied the story in the Brewbound story. CCB owner Joey Redner said,

“I’ve always taken meetings when asked and I’ll continue to take meetings moving forward,” he told Brewbound. “It’s how you learn more about your business, its value and the industry.”