Bellingham is full of amazing beertenders. They pour you amazing lagers and ales everyday at your favorite Tap Trail tap room. They answer questions about new taps, suggest what you should try next and know all the nuances and details of their tap list. They are also the ones directing traffic on those busy happy hours. They work hard. But, even though we are surrounded by so many amazing beertenders on the Tap Trail, there can only be one Bellingham’s Best BeerTender!


Hope Collins of Wander Brewing, you are…

Bellingham’s 2015 Best BeerTender!

Bellingham's Best BeerTender 2015

Hope Collins of Wander Brewing

Window Cling

Window Cling

Congratulations Hope! We’re printing up this fancy window cling for Wander Brewing to place on their front door. When people come in, they’ll know they’re about to be served by the best! Also, we’ll be awarding you with a Tap Trail T-shirt and a handmade trophy, of the highest quality! Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony.

Hope works at Wander Brewing Wednesday 3:00-9 PM, Thursday 3:00-9 PM, Friday 3-10 PM, Saturday 12-5 PM, Sunday 12-7 PM. Make sure you Wander300head on and congratulate her this week! It’s a fitting award when taking into account Wander’s recent Gold Medal at this year’s Great American Beer Festival.

Tap Trailers, we’ll be running this competition every year and, undoubtedly, various levels of complexity and greatness will be be added to it! Who’ll be Bellingham’s 2016 Best BeerTender? Take this week to appreciate your BeerTenders at every Tap Trail location.