A great story from the trail.  This one is from Trista Moreno and her friend Shelly.
Good luck on the trail!  We’re all cheering for you and we’re sure we’ll cross paths at some point.   We’re planning on doing the Magnolia Trail on Wednesday and even though you’ve hit some of the places on that route, we’d be happy to have you along with us!



My friend Shelly and I speed out of my driveway at 5pm on out bike the kickoff at Kulshan started 30mins ago. We got there… ordered our Kulshan Red found our spot on a picnic table and planned our trail. Next up, Aslan (pitstop at O’Reiley’s Auto Parts, for a tire pump, opps!) Beer sampler, sliders & roasted corn on the cob….. At this point we decide to leave our bikes locked up and walk down one block and try out the new Schweinhaus for the first time. A pretzel, spiced beer, couple raffles for swag and some chitty chat later… we are back to our bikes and riding home; laughing all the way. We are going to invite more friends next Friday, resume our trail-blazing!! This is going to be an adventure! THANK YOU! FUN TIMES!