Hop’s famed relative is marijuana. They look similar. They also smell similar, but they do very different things. Hops ensure those awesome Tap Trail beers tastes just amazing. Marijuana ensures, well, that you get high. The two genera are apart of the same taxonomic family Cannabinaceae.

Some people might not be aware that these two things are similar, but very different. Three individuals in Canada’s province of Prince Edward Island clearly didn’t open their taxonomic homework. They were arrested for trying to steal hops from a hop farm because they mistook the crop for massive quantities of marijuana.

Washington State is lucky because both of these cousins exist legally with each other and in harmony. From the article.

On Saturday at 3:45 p.m., Stratford RCMP responded to a complaint from a farmer who grows hops for beer production. He’d seen three adults near his farm buildings, RCMP stated in a written release.

Two men and one woman from Charlottetown were quickly taken into custody, police said.

“The three adults told RCMP members that they thought there was marijuana growing on the farm,” police said.

Extensive damage

They caused extensive damage to the farm’s crop that was packaged for shipping.

“This senseless act has impacted the farm’s ability to provide quality product to market,” police noted.

Charges of break, enter, theft and mischief and two counts of breaching court orders have been laid against one 23-year-old man, who was held in custody over the weekend, police said. Two others were released and are scheduled to appear in provincial court later.