This is a pretty awesome list of sweet beer gadgets. Everything from funky hipster beer lamps to bicycle bottlecap openers. We all love beer. But if you’re a real beer lover, you love actual beer things. All things beer! Especially, DIY, antiquey, hipstery, beer things because that is vogue right now. See below.

etsy-beer barrel

Oak Barrel: Want to try aging your favorite stout on your own? This is your chance. $59.99 from LonghornBarrels.

etsy-beer beer-light

Beer Light: An old beer bottle is used as a pendant lamp for the perfect upcycled illumination. $47.50 from VexDecor.

etsy-beer bike-opener

Headset Opener: Add this stainless steel spacer to your headset for a bottle opener everywhere you pedal. $14.95 from PedalHappyDesign.

etsy-beer beer-flight

Beer Flight Paddle Four little beers, so perfectly organized for tasting. $69.99 from TheCraftKind

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