2015. Wow. Day’um!! What a year. It was like getting a constant stream of hoppy malty goodness poured over your head, every day. A craft bath, if you will. We’ve all watched the Tap Trail expand, grow, evolve and take on new breweries and tap houses. From gadgets, to brewery openings, to national and international beer news, Tap Trail was there, every sip of the way.

In honor of all the awesomeness that has come our way, we’re going to cover the Top 10 Tap Trail Stories of 2015! These articles are chosen, not just for the sheer number of views, but because they had the biggest impact on our readers and the community, not to mention, well, we liked them the most.

Westy12glass#10 Does Glassware Really Impact Flavor and Aroma?

Our writer, Aubrey is a one knowledgeable beer dude. His Beer Hunting articles have taken him all over the world. From the mountains of Iceland to the beaches of Hawaii. Not only does he travel, he KNOWS beer.  This article caught on everywhere and we received emails about it. Take a read to learn more!

IMG_20150509_144328509#9 Pedal Party Northwest Hits the Streets of Bellingham

Bellingham’s craft beer scene was forever changed in 2015. More brewery opening announcements than you could shake a beer can at (don’t open it!). But the industry also attracted new businesses, like Pedal Party Northwest. They offer the Cadillac of brewery tours, via their 15 person pedal powered bike. Read more here.

Image via Home Brewers Association#8 How Jimmy Carter Made Craft Brewing What it is Today

Jimmy Carter wasn’t just the leader of the free world in the last 70’s. He was also the leader of the free world when his party passed legislation that, arguably, led to the very resurgence of the craft beer market that we’re seeing today. This article was picked up and had all sorts of critiques and opinions in other websites. Learn more about it here.

10968442_911458405551713_3254175000388862446_n#7 What’s Your Favorite Tap Trail Food Truck

If 2015 was the Year of Beer in Bellingham. The year of the food truck wasn’t far behind. The symbiosis of beer and food is without question. The existence of food trucks in Bellingham is even changing the way breweries are built. The newer breweries being built here are able to focus just on food. It keeps them nimble and focused. What trucks are where? Make sure to follow our Food Truck Calendar! Read more about this article here.

BhamBreweryLogos#6 The Meanings Behind Bellingham Area Brewery Names

With breweries popping up everywhere in Bellingham, it’s a good idea to take a step back and look at their roots! Where did these awesome names come from? Take a read here and learn!

Dave Morales on the left and Chris McClanahan on the right.#5 Bellingham’s Subdued Brewing – The Interview

Subdued Brewing is going to open up in mid-2016. The owners are going through the very long process of putting their ducks in a row. They’ll soon be gracing Bellingham with their presence and pints. Get to know the owners in our interview here.

Bellingham's Best BeerTender 2015#4 Bellingham’s Best BeerTender Competition

Bellingham’s beertenders are many and oh so skilled, but, this competition showed us that they are not all created equal! We held a competition to see who the best of the best was. After thousands of votes Hope Collins of Wander Brewing was voted to the top of the hop heap! Learn more about the competition here!

rsz_1img_20151127_185030551#3 Opening of Structures Brewing

One of the most anticipated breweries in Bellingham opened even earlier than first reported. Ryan and James were directed, focused and intentional in opening up their 10 barrel brewery on State St. Their beers have already created fans and are receiving rave reviews! We hear much is changing for them and their tap room in 2016, so stay tuned! Learn more about them here!

Boundary Best Beer 2015#2 Bellingham’s 2015 Best Beer

The Tap Trail has brought a number of Best of Competitions to you in 2015. The crowning achievement of any brewery is to have the most beloved, best and well crafted beer on the planet. Bellingham’s breweries brought it this year, winning award after award at both the state and national level. But you haven’t won anything until you’ve won Tap Trails’ Best Beer of 2015 Award. Boundary Bay brewed up some incredible beers in 2015, including their recently released Bootlegger’s Series. But they took the title of Bellingham’s Best Beer with their Cedar Dust! Read more about it here!


Bellingham#1 Bellingham Voted as Snobbiest Beer City in the America

This one was not only our most read article ever on Tap Trail, it created the most buzz, controversy and gossip. Whether you agree with it or not, this title speaks to the incredible beer Bellingham is offering the world. We are getting recognized. And we should. The sheer number of breweries is incredible and rivals cities much larger and more talked about. While I can’t substantiate this with numbers (yet!) I’m fairly certain the average beer drinker’s palate is much more refined than that of most any other city in the US. Bellingham, you’ve given notice and the rest of the nation is taking notice! Read about it here!TapTrailCalendarCover

2015 was an unprecedented year in beer and we’re happy you took the ride with us. In 2016 we’ll continue to offeryou news, gadgets, guidance and even more beer goodness than 2015. Our team is growing and your breweries are blossoming. Get ready for it. And, while you’re at it, make sure you’re ready for 2016 with our beautiful calendars!