About a year ago, the BTT executive team got together to talk about what it would take to get a pedal powered tour vehicle into Bellingham. You’ve probably seen these before in larger cities like Seattle, Portland, or huge touring cities like Bend, and we’re pretty confident that having a bike in B’ham would be both successful and well received by locals and tourists alike. We still feel that way, but before we were organized enough to pull the trigger on buying a bike, we met a local couple who were already further down the road (They already bought the bike) than we were and we were more than happy to share our ideas with them to help get this party bike on the street sooner. While we’re not directly affiliated with this company or their bike, we anticipate taking advantage of the bike for some BTT special events this summer, and will always support them as they roll from stamp to stamp along the trail.

Introducing Pedal Party NW

PPNWThis 15 person pedal powered touring machine will be hitting the streets this month, but tours probably won’t be available until June. You’ll soon be able to pedal in style to a pre-determined collection of tap trail locations all with 14 of your new best friends.

More information coming soon, including an exclusive interview with the company owners, Tom & Amy. Look for the bike at this year’s Ski to Sea parade.