Happy Valentine’s Day to all you craft beer lovers!

While typically this Hallmark holiday of love is celebrated with chocolate and flowers, we here at Tap Trail believe every holiday can (should) be celebrated with craft beer. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your partner, with your friends or alone with you Netflix account, adding beer to the mix makes everything a lot better.

Below are our picks for the best Valentine’s Day inspired dream six pack.


amagerFrom Amager With Love: Evil Twin Brewing

When it comes to heavy, luxurious beers, Evil Twin always seems to know what they’re doing. This imperial stout was crafted by two brewers from Amager Bryghyus in Copenhagen who traveled to the states in order to collaborate with Evil Twin Brewing. It’s extremely dark, has a high alcohol content of 12% ABV, but it has sweetness that comes through with every sip. Brewed with blueberries, hints of coffee and cinnamon come through as the glass warms up. This is the kind of stout you drink cuddled up on the couch on a cold, stormy night.


rogue-choc-stout1Chocolate Stout: Rogue Ales

It’s not Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate. There’s an incredible amount of chocolate stouts out there, but for years this has been the defining one. Of course, Rogue’s Chocolate Stout has a sweet, dessert flavor, however it remains incredibly balanced. While some chocolate stouts taste like you’re drinking straight Hershey’s syrup, Rogue still manages to satisfy your sweet tooth without losing its ale qualities.


UPRIGHT-oyster-stout-webOyster Stout: Upright Brewing

I never quite understood how a slimy mollusk was a natural aphrodisiac, but hey, they’re tasty so I’ll take it. While it may seem like a far stretch to put seafood in your beer, oyster stouts are a traditional British style of brewing. Upright Brewing who are best known for the saisons use not only Oyster liquor, but also whole oysters from Hama Hama Oyster Farm in Washington. The result is a savory, full bodied flavor that’s perfect to pair with a delicious seafood dinner.


afterglowaasmallwebAfterglow Aphrodisiac Ale: Picaroons Brewing

Speaking of aphrodisiacs, this special ale is brewed once a year specifically for Valentine’s Day. That being said, it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on this special Canadian ale. Personally, I’ve only tried it once in a taphouse in Vancouver BC last year, but that was only because I happened to be there on a Picaroons Brewing night. However, if you do get a chance to try it, this red ale is brewed with chocolate, chili, ginseng, and licorice root, all believed to be natural aphrodisiacs. This beer is a a real life love potion.


Hook_UpHook Up Session IPA: Northwest Brewing 

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day post unless I threw in a little sex to the mix. However, please drink this beer responsibly. Don’t take advantage of this beer and use it to make a slimy pass on someone. Use it to giggle at the name and artwork and enjoy. Please don’t drink and creep.


label_10Bitter Valentine: Aleworks Brewing Company

This one goes out to all Valentine’s Day haters who don’t buy into the commercialism of forcing people to convey their love through gifts and chocolate. This double IPA is just the hop-forwarded, bitter middle finger you were looking for to express your true feelings about Valentine’s Day.