Tap Trail breweries have been representing their brewing chops, big time this past year. Wander and Boundary are no exception, if not the rule. Boundary’s name seems to be popping up at a few more competitions this past year and Wander continues to enter into competitions. Both Wander and Boundary won awards at the World Beer Cup last month and they’ve done it again at this year’s North American Beer Awards and Boundary added a few more entries at the NABAs.


Wander Brewing

Medal                             Entry                                                    Category

Gold                        Wild Warehouse                                       15c – Barrel-Aged Beer

Boundary Bay Brewing Co.

Medal                           Entry                                                      Category

Gold                      2014 Old Bounder                                   10D – English-Style Barley Wine

Gold                         The Nautilus                                          13E – Sour Ale with Brettanomyces

Bronze          Wonderland Belgian Strong Golden           12F – Belgian-Style Pale (Golden) Strong Ale

Wonderland Belgian Strong Golden received a bronze medal in the Belgian-Style Pale (Golden) Strong Ale category. Brewed with local malt from Skagit Valley Malting Co, Wonderland is crisp with a citrus tang, containing fruit esters and mellow herbal undertone. It’s comes in at 8.5% ABV.

We’re over-the-moon to be awarded the NABA Gold for the first barrel-aged sour/brett beer that we’ve made. – Brewer Bryan Krueger

As we reported the other day, Boundary has also been in the news for being named the largest brewpub in the US. It’s been a heck of a month for Boundary Bay!

June has been such a blessing! These awards and recognitions are the results of the hard work from our entire team; we’re so proud of our employees and their persistence toward success. – General Manager Janet Lightner.

Wander’s Wild Warehouse is on a roll! The 2015 Warehouse won at the 2015 GABF and the 2016 World Beer Cup. The 2016 won at the North American Beer Awards. That beer just continues to win and we’re happy that it is.

Half-way through the year and Bellingham breweries are doing all sorts of amazing things, from winning awards to expanding, not to mention the opening of a new brewery with more on the way! 2016 is starting to make 2015 look dull!