Wander‘s new Belgo-American IPA is a clean, crisp, and refreshing beer. Don’t let the classic copper American IPA color fool you…the Wander production crew made this brew mild enough to crush but nuanced enough to sip and ponder. It’s got a creamy head that I wish lasted a bit longer in the glass, which isn’t a head retention complaint. I just really enjoyed sniffing this one! On the spectrum of brilliant to milkshake this beer definitely leans brilliant with just a touch of haze.

You’ll first get a good bit of orange citrus on the nose along with Belgian fruit esters and subdued phenols. Think orange/tangerine with restrained notes of clove and band-aid. We can thank Mandarina Bavaria hops and a schooled hand utilizing Belgian yeast attributes for this wonderful olfactory experience.

The beer is crisp and fairly dry on the palate, offering a consistent follow-up to what your nose just inhaled. Orange citrus, good carbonation, mild Belgian yeast offerings, and a pleasant lingering American IPA bitterness are what you’ll enjoy.

The Belgo-American IPA has me hoping this isn’t a one-off brew. True to Wander fashion they’ve approached this recipe with balance and drinkability in mind. It was certainly great on a cold February or March night, but this beer on a warm sunny spring day would be a home run.