Just received this press release from Colleen at Wander Brewing. Great things are afoot at Wander Brewing. Head on down there and take a peek at what’s happening!


BELLINGHAM, WA. (March 12, 2015) Wander Brewing is excited to announce our recent installation of additional cellaring tanks to expand our beer offerings and distribution. Delivered from Marks Design & Metalworks in Vancouver, Washington, our new tanks are completely manufactured in the USA, and double the brewing capacity of our current 20-barrel brewhouse. The new tanks will allow us to consistently pursue new recipes, while still producing our core beers at a higher frequency. Wander Brewing has also acquired an additional 2,000-square feet of space to house our expanding ten-month-old Wander Brewing Barrel Project, which will soon have its first bottle release.
Although it seems like we opened our doors to the public just yesterday, we are also excited to announce that we are nearing our first anniversary. On Saturday, May 2nd, we would like you to join us at the Brew Hall, as we celebrate the milestones we have achieved in our first year.
Wander Brewing was founded by Colleen and Chad Kuehl in the spring of 2014. Our mission is to craft beers that balance tradition with innovation. Beers that seem familiar but leave a fresh impression of something new—kind of like seeing an old friend after years apart. We enjoy maintaining a continuously changing series of ales and lagers, and refuse to compromise on quality and taste as we move from one batch to the next.
For more information or purchasing inquiries, please go to our website at www.wanderbrewing.com or contact sales@wanderbrewing.com.