Chad over at Wander is keeping the surprises coming from their Barrel Project.

They have been aging beers in barrels since last year. It wasn’t until early last month that they added a 2,000sqft Barrel Aging facility. The barrels consists of Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Syrah.

The last release was a fresh and exciting Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale. They have now announced their Barrel-Aged Imperial Global Mutt Baltic Porter. It will be on sale today at Wander’s Brew Hall when they open at 3pm today. This is the barrel-aged and imperial version of their previously released Global Baltic Porter. Wander continues to add depth and variety to Bellingham’s beer scene. From their press release

Wander Brewing is excited to announce release #2 from our Wander Barrel Project, Barrel-Aged Imperial Global Mutt Baltic Porter. It will be available in 750 ML bottles at the brewery beginning today, Friday, April 24th, and will subsequently be sold at select retail locations. There will also be a limited amount on draft, available at the brewery and a handful of establishments in Bellingham and Seattle.

We chose to brew an imperial version of our coffee cocoa Baltic Porter, Global Mutt, and placed it in the hands of Heaven Hill 12-year bourbon barrels for ten months. The results are superb. The beer resembles fresh French Press coffee, topped with a fluffy head of espresso foam. Aromas of dulce de leche and blackened marshmallow are complimented by a full, resonant mouthfeel, and flavors of baker’s chocolate, burned toast, brownie batter, and molasses.

ABV: 9.0%

IBU: 65

OG: 20.1 Plato

SRM: 40

Wander Brewing was founded by Colleen and Chad Kuehl in the spring of 2014. Our mission is to craft beers that balance tradition with innovation. Beers that seem familiar but leave a fresh impression of something new—kind of like seeing an old friend after years apart. We enjoy maintaining a continuously changing series of ales and lagers, and refuse to compromise on quality and taste as we move from one batch to the next.