Wander Brewing has released awesome bottle after awesome bottle. This is backed up by their recent Gold at the GABF for their Wild Warehouse Belgian. Thursday (tomorrow!) they will release their next bottle, Sauraha Sour Blond. They sent us a press release with all the delicious details. Make sure you get there because they are limiting it to only 3 bottles per person. That’s one to drink, one to share and one to cellar!

Make sure you learn about Wander’s Barrel Project and their new foeder (<–that’s not a mispelling!).

We at Wander Brewing are excited to release Sauraha, our latest offering from the GABF® gold medal-winning Wander Barrel Project series. Named for a small village in rural Nepal, Sauraha is a refreshing barrel-aged sour blond ale. This unique beer was brewed with American and European specialty malts, German noble hops, and our house Belgian ale yeast. Sauraha was subsequently conditioned in wine barrels for twelve months with a choice series of bacteria and yeast, including lactobacillus and brettanomyces.

wander sour

The result is a complex orchestration of sensory activity: distinct aromas of pineapple and nectarine transition to mild notes of sea salt and funk. Moderately tart, Sauraha has flavors of kiwi, white grape must, and fresh lemon zest. Dry and effervescent, this beer provides a satisfying acidity to the palate.

Sauraha will be available in 750 ML bottles at the brewery for $15 beginning Thursday, February 11 at 3pm. There is a 3 bottle limit per customer. Bottles will also be sold at select retail locations, and a limited amount of draught will be on tap at the Wander Brew Hall in Bellingham.

Wander Brewing was founded by Colleen and Chad Kuehl in the spring of 2014. Our mission is to craft beers that balance tradition with innovation; beers that seem familiar but leave a fresh impression of something new. We enjoy maintaining a continuously changing series of ales and lagers, and refuse to compromise on quality or taste as we move from one batch to the next.