Redhook Brewery is almost as synonymous with Northwest craft beer as Rainier and, well, maybe craft beer itself. It’s ESB was ubiquitous across in grocery stores aross the Northwest and the region. It was announced today in the Seattle Times that Redhook will be closing its 220,000bbl. It’s likely that Elysian Brewery’s 120,000bbl facility produced more beer in 2016, since the Woodinville location was not brewing to full capacity. This comes as little surprise as the company and all of the Craft Brew Alliance, had been struggling for some time.

Owner of Craft Brew Alliance hopes to refocus the company’s efforts to a new Capitol Hill pub that will open in August.

“The plan is to put it on the market to sell,” said Craft Brew chief operating officer Scott Mennen in an interview ahead of the company’s Wednesday earnings report. “It’s a very nice brewery. It just doesn’t fit how we’ve evolved.”

The plan is for the brewery to close on July 1st. The company’s domestic shipments had fallen by 37% over two years. Their new deal that utilized the brewery to brew beers for Pabst Brewing wasn’t enough to keep the doors from closing

But things aren’t all bad for Redhook. They are actually expanding their Portland brewery to 750,000 barrels. Redhook started in 1994. Craft Brew Alliance still sees growth, thanks to its Kona Brewing brand.

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