Colorado Brewery Will Debut CBD-Infused Sativa IPA at Great American Beer FestThis was bound to happen. Colorado’s Dad and Dudes Breweria will debut Sativa IPA at this year’s GABF. It won’t get you high and there are other hemp infused beers, but this is the first cannabidoil infused beer. I remember when Oskar Blues came out with their Gubna. It had all sorts of sly references to weed on the can not to mention it smelled like a fresh bag of weed.

Well, the renegade fun of that beer has been trumped by reality.

The two beers are part of the company’s new Canna-Beer Series, which was started as a way to acknowledge and support Colorado’s booming marijuana industry. “I think beer and cannabis should should be treated equally,” says Dad & Dudes co-founder Mason Hembree, who adds that he is a longtime supporter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML. “Alcohol has also gone through its fair share of prohibition and misunderstanding. And I think Colorado is leading the way nationally when it comes to reform, and I hope we keep moving in that direction.”

The brewery has Sativa IPA (5% ABV) and Indica Double IPA (10%ABV.) It took them two years of back and forth to do it. It’s actually illegal to infuse marijuana into beers since pot is still illegal nationwide and the brewing industry is regulated by the federal government. Indica will make it’s debut at this year’s GABF on Sept. 23rd.

I do wonder if the name “Indica Double IPA” will receive any legal kickback from Lost Coast’s Indica IPA. With all the legal battles surrounding copyright infringement, it would seem like a slam dunk. But, hey, it’s pot man. Maybe they’ll be chill about it and stuff?