cutmypic (1)It’s fair to say that Bellingham was dominated by craft beer in 2015. It was Bellingham’s Year of Beer. So many breweries were announced that we all looked up and wondered if this was actually happening. We made innumerable top lists, which showcased just how incredible Bellingham’s craft beer scene is. Tourists from all over the region came to Bellingham to jump on the Tap Trail and try our breweries and Taphouse offerings.

Basically, Bellingham was flooded by craft beer and the tide is just beginning to rise. Our breweries put out some astonishingly good beers. Boundary hit the market with their first Brett beer. Wander won a gold at the GABF with their Wild Warehouse. Chuckanut brought home medals for their lagers. Menace and Aslan brought awards for their incredible beers. North Fork Brewery’s sours and small batch beers continued to amaze all of us and might be the brewery we hear the most about on social media.

With so many good beers we want to know, “What was the Best Tap Trail Beer of 2015?”

This is your chance to dig deep into the recesses of your Tap Trail palate and recall the time you drank that amazing pint of Boundary’s Cedar Dust in the beer garden. Maybe it was that schooner of Menace Red you had on your birthday. Maybe it was that first sip of Aslan’s Java Lava. You could even use our own curated list of Bellingham’s Best Beers to get you started.

The winning brewery will receive an award and unlimited praise. Just ask Bellingham’s Best BeerTender.

This is the qualifying round. We’ll have the Semi and Finals to round it out.

Qualifying Round Voting Rules

  • Must have been brewed at a Tap Trail Brewery
    • Boundary Bay, Aslan, Wander, Chuckanut, North Fork, Kulshan, or Menace.
  • Doesn’t have to have been released in 2015
    • Do you think Chuckanut’s Pilsner was the Best of 2015, cool!
  • Qualifying round voting ends Friday, 10am 12/4
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