Bellingham Tap Trail has all of your favorite breweries and tap houses in one location and we’ve brought them all together to better promote Bellingahm’s kick ass beer culture. We’ve made drinking beer even more fun. Every brewery that will ever brew in Bellingham will be on it. As we get more breweries we’ll expand. We’ve got 7 breweries right now and at least 2 more on the way. From Boundary Bay Brewery to Aslan Brewery, Bellingham’s brewing is eclectic.

Tap houses? We’ve got that covered. McKay’s has over 50 taps. The Green Frog not only has some of best beer taps in town they have the best BBQ. Did I mention they book incredible music too? Elizabeth Station has over 1,000 beers (that’s three zeros.) They bring in extremely obscure and well selected brews from all over the world.

We think getting to know this town through beer is the best way to get to know Bellingham. There is so much culture, so many personalities and so much good music and food and it has all conveniently found itself alongside a well crafted pint. Bellingham takes pride in it’s beer and we will happily help facilitate that pride.
Take a look inside your map for the cool looking thingy below.
Buy a beer, get a stamp.

Drink enough beer and we reward you with free BTT swag! You’re rewarded for drinking beer people. But the real reward is knowing you’ve drank and completed the Bellingham Tap Trail! You’ll have visited all 15 locations and had a beer at each. You’ll have met new people, gained new friends and tried new beer. And you thought drinking beer was reward enough! Well, beer just got better.

Many of us have our own watering holes. Maybe you spend most of your happy hours at Wander Brewing, but barely any time at The Local. Maybe every Friday you’re used to a pint at The Copper Hog, but fail to get an outdoor seat at Uisce. We want the map and the Passport to inspire you to explore Bellingham’s many breweries and tap houses.

Let’s say you’ve completed the Tap Trail. Did you know we have 6 Trails you can travel on? Are you Downtown? Head to the Inner Circle Trail. Interested in a bike ride along the water and a few beers along the way? The Bayview Trail is for you. Bellingham is full of beer and full of beer trails. We like bikes and we think you should hop on yours – or on foot – when you’re out exploring The Tap Trail. There is much more to see doing either of those than in your car.

This is Bellingham’s 1st Beer Map and we’re excited to be apart of the awesome breweries in this town. Any Beer Town worth it’s salt has a beer map and a brewery tour company. Well, now you’ve got both with Bellingham Tap Trail. Tours start in 2015. We’ve got some exciting plans in the works for Bellingham and we know that Bellingham’s breweries have some exciting plans in the works for us. Think you know you’re beer and can wordsmith a bit? We’d like to hear from you. Drop us a line!

This thing is just going to get better. Stay tuned. Grab a map. Drink a beer. We’ll take care of the rest.