It’s spring and that means new experiences and new beers. I came to Bellingham in 1997…it just occurred to me that I’ve lived here for 19 years. Wow. Anyway, I remember my first beer. In fact it wasn’t a beer. It was a pitcher of beer at the World Famous Up and Up and they were cheap. I think I paid $2 for a pitcher of Busch Light.

Unfortunately, at 21 I was only peripherally aware of the craft beer wonders that existed here. I had heard of Boundary Bay, but didn’t hear about North Fork until a year after turning 21. I didn’t know about the uniqueness of Archer Alehouse. The rest of our breweries and taphouses were just the glimmer on the surface of a pint of cheap beer. I didn’t have the amazing options we have now (with more on the way!) Had I known the amazing culture and craft that backed both of those breweries I probably would have made a different choice to enjoy my inaugural Bellingham beer. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy with that pitcher of Busch Light, but, you know, things could have been different.

Your first beer in this amazing Beer Town should be a special time. You’re being inaugurated into new beginnings, new beers, new experiences and new friends. We think you’re getting to the good stuff!

So, we want to know where you had your first Bellingham Beer. Tell us about your experience in the comments! What happened? Who were you with? Why were you drinking? Had you just moved here? If so, where did you move from?

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