It takes a special combination of skill and personality to be a beertender. You not only have to know what’s on tap, what’s good and bad, beer trends and how to pour a beer, but you also need to know how to work a crowd. Is your beertender in the weeds on a busy Friday? A good beertender will roll with it and keep everyone calm, even if there is only one pint left of that special barrel-aged Brett from that monastery in Oklahoma. Or maybe your tender’s personality is no-nonsense, surly and exacting. There is a wide spectrum of personalities on the Tap Trail and we look forward to hearing how you define the winner. Whatever it may be, we want you to tell us, “Who is Bellingham’s Best BeerTender?” The Tap Trail has 16 tap rooms, which probably means there are close to 100 beer tenders on the Tap Trail, so start thinking.

Think about who you’re voting for. If you’re objective, maybe your favorite beertender doesn’t pour pints in your favorite taphouse or brewery. After this qualifying round, it’s onto the quarters, semis and finals, or whatever combination of rounds gets us a winner.

Are you a brewery, or taphouse? Share this and promote your top beertender. Not bad to be known as the place that employs the #1 beertender in the city.

The winner of “Bellingham’s Best BeerTender” will not only have the auspicious title, but a humble and, undoubtedly, small token of appreciation from the Tap Trail.

Voting Rules

  1. BeerTender must serve at one of the 16 Winter Tap Trail Locations
  2. For those who are “stuffing the ballot box” with votes, it is apparent from our end and those votes won’t count 🙁 This is also the qualifying round, not the finals.