IBM’s Watson computer is, arguably, one of the two smartest computers in the world. The computer is a super smart computer capable of answering most any question asked in plain language. It has access to 4 terabytes of information from all over the world’s databases. It beat everybody at Jeopardy has proven to know more than most.

Unsurprisingly, IBM is even getting into the craft beer craze. They recently used Watson to analyze the data that surrounds the craft beer industry and here are some of the results. Watson compiled data from the following sources

This data was compiled by me from popular beer rating web sites. It is meant to highlight the powerful analytical capabilities of Watson Analytics. It is not representative of the entire craft beer industry and the findings highlighted should not be taken as fact.

Click on the images to enlarge and analyze the data better or head to the website for the full descriptions. So do you agree? Fact or not fact?

States with highest ranked breweries

Highest Rated Beers

*Graph is read from upper left, down the column and then back to the top of the adjacent column

What Influences the Ratings

The top predictors of Highest Rated Beer are City, Style, Calories and ABV. Yep, calories.