If there’s arguably anything I love more than craft beer, it’s food. I love pairing beer with food, but I love using craft beer in my recipes even more.

I’ve tried many recipes over the years, some more successful than others. Below are ten of the best recipes tried by me, an unbelievably average cook. They’re ranked by difficulty for your convenience, so there’s something for everyone on here.


  1. Chocolate Stout Float:


Yes, we’re starting with the very basics. You’d be surprised how many people haven’t made themselves a beer float. If you’re feeling a little advance, put a warm brownie at the bottom of the glass, fill it with chocolate ice cream, pour in a chocolate stout, and top with whipped cream. Guaranteed brownie points.

2. Beer Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue

If I had to survive off of two things for the rest of my life, it would be beer and cheese. Granted it would shorten my lifespan significantly, but at least I’d go out happy. This is my go to recipe whenever I have to entertain people via food. All you have to do is throw everything into a pot, and everyone will marvel at how awesome and creative you are. If you care about the calories, just dip some broccoli in the fondue. That’s how being healthy works, right?

3. Five-Ingredient Beer Bread


The most shocking part about the simplicity of this recipe: It isn’t even the easiest one I’ve found. Regardless, this recipe is just as easy as it is delicious, so . . . very easy. This recipe suggests a pumpkin beer, but you can honestly use just about any kind of beer you want. I made a loaf out of a farmhouse saison once and it was equal parts funky and awesome. Find the recipe here.

4. Spent Grain Flour


Okay, so this isn’t using a finished beer, but anyone who homebrews should have this recipe taped on their fridge. In our household, we first started making bread out of spent grain, but later found making flour to be far more useful. You can substitute spent grain flour wherever a recipe calls for whole wheat flour, and it’s far more satisfying than composting. Learn how to make it here.

5. IPA and Basil Mashed Potatoes


Pro tip: Throw in some bacon bits and take this savory mashed potato recipe to a whole other level.

6. Coffee Stout and Chocolate Bread Pudding


I’m always amazed by how versatile croissant dough can be. I’ve made this recipe a couple times and it never turns out as pretty as the picture, but it always tastes sooooooo good. This bread pudding is a giant delicious mess. Find the recipe here.

7. Pale Ale and Garlic Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts


Brussels Sprouts are that grown up vegetable you’re conditioned to hate as a kid but then realize it’s one of the tastiest greens on the planet. My whole life I assumed I hated brussels sprouts because society told me I should. It wasn’t until I had Boundary Bay’s tasty happy hour sprouts that I started looking up different recipes every week. This is by far my favorite way to cook brussels sprouts. It goes to show, almost everything can be improved upon if you add beer.

8. Mac and Jack-a-Roni


Yes, this is a normal (and delicious) recipe for macaroni and cheese. Yes, it isn’t called Mack and Jack-a-Roni on the recipe page. But if you think for one second I’d use anything besides Mac and Jack’s Amber Ale and sacrifice a perfectly good pun, well then you’re a monster. Pun or no pun, beer mac and cheese is a way of life. Learn how to make it here.

9. Pretzel Crusted Chicken With Cheesy Beer Sauce


In case you haven’t noticed by now, beer and cheese go really well together. This recipe is a little more advanced, but it’s still incredibly doable. If you don’t make the chicken, at least just make the cheesy beer sauce. It’s dangerously light and you’ll want to pour it over everything. A recipe for both can be found here.

10. Deschutes Jubelale Hearty Chili


If I’m being honest, the first time I looked at all the ingredients I got way too intimidated to make this recipe. Instead, I just poured a can of chili in a crockpot with some ground beef and a bottle of 2013 Jubelale and hoped for the best. Well, it wasn’t the best. When I finally followed the ACTUAL recipe last winter, it was a hell of a lot better. Totally worth the work. The chili recipe, along with many others, can be found on the beer’s page if you scroll to the very bottom.