Building a Brewery: Stemma Brewing to open within a month

We've been following Stemma Brewing for just under a year as they make their dreams of a family-owned and operated local brewery come true. As they've passed milestones like finally finding a location, ending the long wait for their licensing to go through in the midst of a government shutdown & [...]


Bellingham breweries are investing in Green Power

Walking from Dean Avenue into Wander Brewing, you likely notice the food truck out front, the high warehouse ceilings and the shiny, well-maintained brewing equipment that serves as a background for dozens of cheers’ a day. While on a stroll downtown, your attention may be caught by what Boundary Bay [...]


Building a Brewery: Stemma makes strides towards opening

For the last six months, we've been checking in on Jason and Kim Harper, owners of what has become Bellingham's newest brewery, Stemma Brewing Co. Since our first story, the amount of progress made, obstacles overcome and work that the Harper family have put into this project are hard to ignore. [...]


Building a Brewery: Stemma Brewing to enter Bellingham beer community

*We've mentioned Stemma in other stories and Tap Roundups in their beginning stages, but referred to them as Hoppa Brewing. After some decisions were made and copyright issues were smoothed over, Hoppa recently became Stemma* There's no doubt that Bellingham has shown endless support to breweries new to the local scene. Lucky [...]


On naming beers

With all the challenges of opening a brewery these days, coming up with names for beers is usually low on a brewer’s priority list. If anything, it may be viewed as one of the “fun” tasks. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s an important part of a brewery’s brand. [...]


‘Beer Hiking Pacific Northwest’ celebrates regional hikes and breweries

It’s hard to believe, but when Rachel Wood and Brandon Fralic came up with the idea to write a guidebook on hiking and beer just five years ago, Bellingham – as well as the entire state of Washington – only had half as many breweries as it does today. Incredulously, hiking [...]


Goods Local Brews sees success as neighborhood, family-friendly spot

What has been noticed by many Bellingham residents as a small, colorful, local produce stand in the Fountain neighborhood has now made the most of their space on Northwest Avenue. Expanded toward the street and newly renovated on the inside, Goods Local Brews has seen success in recent weeks after serving [...]


Herb’s Cider to open tasting room in heart of downtown

Tim Alexander, Owner of Herb's Cider In the last six months, the cider scene in Bellingham has been growing rapidly, resembling the craft beer boom we saw years ago. With the recent success of Bellingham Cider Company, Lost Giants Cider Co. opening in a matter of weeks (joining Bellingham's [...]


Méthode Traditionnelle attempts to define a growing category of American-made, Lambic-inspired beers

An increasing number of American breweries are making beers similar to Belgian Lambics using traditional methods, such as spontaneous fermentations, turbid mashes, long boils, barrel aging, etc., along with traditional ingredients such as raw/unmalted wheat and aged hops. Some are even blending one-, two-, and three-year-old batches, similar to Belgian Gueuze [...]


Farm to pint

  Sitting down for a meal and deconstructing where everything on your plate came from is something many Bellingham residents are guilty of. What can we say? We love buying locally and knowing exactly where our food is from. It’s easy to look at a plate of huevos rancheros and be [...]


5 things every beer lover should know about Oktoberfest

  Chances are good you know at least something about Oktoberfest. Even the most buzzed among us would be able to deduce that it’s some sort of German party, and of course everyone knows that its mascot is someone raising a liter-sized stein of lager, wearing either a dirndl dress or [...]


Interview with the Head Brewer of Bellingham’s Melvin Brewing

  Melvin Brewing opened up with great fanfare a few months ago. Some may not know this, but Melving Brewing Bellingham (aka Melvingham) isn't actually brewing beer yet. Melvin beer is shipped in from their Wyoming brewery and the remaining taps are supplemented by key partner breweries. BUT that's all soon [...]


Prost, to the Toast

  I can’t agree with those who advocate never drinking alone. (Or, for that matter, with those who advocate never drinking before noon. Elizabeth Station opens at 10am, after all.) But it certainly is a lot more fun to have drinking companions, not least because it allows you to participate in [...]

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