Chuckanut’s Doppelbock is fantastic

  Want the TL;DR version?  It’s fantastic.  Get yourself to Chuckanut and drink a glass while you can. Doppelbock Lager is a typically higher alcohol and dark gold to black colored version of traditional German Bock.  Though doppel means "double" in German, Bock ABV usually ranges in the 6-7% range while Doppelbock [...]

Chuckanut’s Doppelbock is fantastic2018-10-18T13:21:44-07:00

Chuckanut Goes to China

  Will Kemper at the South Nut ground breaking The best lager producer in the world is expanding. As we reported on a while ago, Chuckanut Brewery is expanding from the familiar confines of it's Bellingham location and opening it's second location in Skagit Valley, affectionately known as "South [...]

Chuckanut Goes to China2016-02-02T11:08:51-08:00

Chuckanut Brewery to Open Second Facility

A few weeks ago Tap Trail received a special invite from Mari Kemper of Chuckanut Brewing to attend the groundbreaking of Chuckanut's brand new Skagit facility that was scheduled for today. We were excited to attend, but, due to the incoming stormy weather, the event was cancelled. This morning she sent out [...]

Chuckanut Brewery to Open Second Facility2018-10-18T13:24:14-07:00

The Face Behind the Beer: Chuckanut Brewery

  Click to read past articles on Aslan Brewing, Kulshan Brewing, and Boundary Bay Brewery. Happy Wednesday, and welcome back to another installment of "The Face Behind the Beer." While all their beers are worthy of praise, Chuckanut Brewery has absolutely perfected the art of German style brewing. In fact, Chuckanut [...]

The Face Behind the Beer: Chuckanut Brewery2018-10-18T13:24:25-07:00

Attention All Indecisive Beer Drinkers

Correction - 3:00pm: The highly scientific process overlooked the fact that you can't bring kids into K2. You can ignore that and bring your kids if you want, but it probably won't work since it's illegal and stuff. ----------------------------------- So you want to grab a pint at one of Bellingham's local craft [...]

Attention All Indecisive Beer Drinkers2018-10-18T13:27:35-07:00

Chuckanut Brewing Hosting Dick Cantwell for Bellingham Beer Week Talk

Bellingham Beer Week is coming in mid-September and it's going to be the biggest year yet. As always, Bellingham's breweries got together and brewed up BBW's collaborative brew. This year it was hosted at Chuckanut Brewing. Chuckanut teamed up with Aslan Brewing, North Fork Brewing and some of Bellingham's newest breweries, [...]

Chuckanut Brewing Hosting Dick Cantwell for Bellingham Beer Week Talk2018-10-18T13:27:55-07:00

How Bellingham Inspired a World Class Career in Craft Beer

The good folks at Chuckanut Brewery had a great idea: Team up with Jason Oliver, BrewMaster of Devils Backbone Brewing Company of Virginia, for a collaboration brew of epic goodness. The owner of Chuckanut, Mari Kemper, invited me down to Chuckanut for brew day and I got to know Jason. Turns out it [...]

How Bellingham Inspired a World Class Career in Craft Beer2018-10-18T13:29:00-07:00

Chuckanut Brewery in Running for Best Craft Brewery in America

Chuckanut Brewery has done it again. They are in the running for "Best Craft Brewery in America." has a Sweet 16 type bracket and Chuckanut was nominated for "Best of the West." Head on over and show your Tap Trail love for them! They are up against the Russian River [...]

Chuckanut Brewery in Running for Best Craft Brewery in America2015-03-19T18:52:54-07:00

Chuckanut Brewery Signs Climate Declaration

The folks at Chuckanut Brewery were among 24 breweries around the nation to sign the Brewery Climate Declaration. What exactly is that? When climate change disrupts the beer industry, it not only threatens our economy and jobs, it also threatens the future of great beer. By signing the Climate Declaration, these breweries [...]

Chuckanut Brewery Signs Climate Declaration2015-03-10T21:48:43-07:00
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